Manifesting Through The Chakras

Manifesting through the Chakras 🧘🏽‍♀️
The Black Unicorn is all about Manifestation.
Have you ever tried manifesting through the chakras? How can we can utilize the chakras to manifest our dreams and desires into reality. 💰✨
Lets talk about prana, which is the vital life force energy that’s responsible for all life experiences.✨
We also need to cover the nadis, which are the pathways that transport prana throughout the body(picture a subway or train) 🚊🚂
The chakras are centralized locations where the nadis converge & where different lines meet and cross. In addition to the thousands of nadis that run through the body, there are also four major channels of energy (like highways) that also converge at the chakras. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
These run upwards, downwards, and horizontally. The main currents of energy within the body flow upward and downward, which brings us to the manifestation current 🌊💫
The downward current is called the manifestation current, and we put it into action to manifest ideas or goals into reality. This current begins at the crown of the head and travels down through the chakras to the base of the spine.
This current of energy is our roadmap 🗺 to make our ideas into intentions, our intentions into specific goals, our goals into action, and our actions into realized, manifest ideas. Hence, the manifestation current. 🌙
If this downward current is blocked, you may have lots of ideas, and you might even talk about them with your friends, but you haven’t been able to see them through to completion.
It all begins in your crown chakra 👑💜
Crown Chakra is how we connect individual consciousness to universal consciousness.
Next is your third eye chakra 👁
Third eye is all about visualization: Seeing within the third eye what the two physical eyes cannot see because it has not manifest yet.
Here’s where things get tricky in the Throat chakra 🗣💙
As our vision is put into words we are bringing this idea down into the throat chakra, where it truly begins to take shape. (This is where many of us repeatedly get stuck. It’s fairly easy to dream and visualize. It’s much harder to express those visions out loud. We fear what other people will think and it feels much safer to keep our dreams and visions to ourselves) Your words have power, use them! ✨
With the power of your words, your vision for what you desire will become more real, and your relationships and connections will start to reflect this new reality.
Which brings us to the Heart chakra💚🌱
Here is where our vision would need the power of connection and love to continue to manifest.
🛑Remember to show yourself love throughout the manifestation process, particularly as we move down into the third chakra space. Shit will happen and the going will get tough, but if you can stay kind to yourself you can make it through🛑
The Solar Plexus Chakra is the chakra of doing; of taking action. 🧡
Take whatever big, bold, audacious idea and break it down into the manageable, actionable steps you will take to make it a reality. (Saving money, establish a timeframe, etc)
Along the way we may encounter obstacles and frustrations (obviously, right?).
This is where the power of the sacral chakra comes into play. 💛
This is our seat of creativity and fluidity. When challenges arise, we have to think creatively to move around those obstacles. Flow with the frustrations in order to come out on the other side.
Soon enough, that original thought that You had in the beginning, that had descended into a goal, has manifested here on the earth plane, the space of the Root chakra. ❤️🌳