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Long considered a very sacred plant with healing powers, Camphor is especially useful for dispelling negativity & fear.   

Camphor is also spiritually used for cleansing and purification. Any unwelcome or intrusive energies are removed with Camphor & The qualities combined in it are very useful for protection as well.  

Camphor is also helpful when practicing divination. The scent will activate your inner psychic abilities and establish a connection with higher intelligence.  


It is often used to purify objects and tools as well, especially for items and power objects that are used in ritual magic.


Camphor can also help purify and cleanse new spaces like homes, apartments or offices. Burn some Camphor oil in an oil burner in your new space in order to rid it of old, stagnant or harmful energies that may be lingering from the previous tenant. 


As alternative medicine, Camphor is especially useful for fighting colds and flu. Putting 8-10 drops in a bath can do wonders for the sinuses. A few drops massaged into the chest and upper back can also treat congestion problems. The cool, pungent aroma of Camphor can instantly clear the sinuses. Camphor is also useful for treating aches and pains in the muscles and joints. Camphor is also used topically to treat sunburns, insect bites, or itchy skin.  


If you have epilepsy or asthma, you should avoid camphor at all costs as it will make your symptoms worse. Avoid during pregnancy and do not use on children or the elderly. 

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