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Hyssop 1oz

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Hyssop is the most widely used purification herb in magick. Lightens vibrations and promotes spiritual opening; used for cleansing and purification. Said to protect property against burglars and trespassers. The best herb for physical cleansing and washing of temple, ritual tools, or oneself (spiritual bath). Add to baths & sachets, infuse and sprinkle on objects/people for cleansing or hang in the home to purge it of evil & negativity.

Botanical name: Hyssopus officinalis

Plant type: perennial

Planetary ruler: Jupiter

Elemental ruler: Fire

OTHER NAMES: Blue hyssop (there is also a pink hyssop variety, Hyssop
officinalis roseus). Isop (Welsh).

PROPERTIES AND USES: Hyssop helps fight infection,
particularly in the respiratory tract and thus helps with colds and chest
infections. Hyssop has been one of the main expectorant and decongestant herbs
commonly used to treat respiratory conditions such as influenza, colds and bronchitis.

It also increases circulation, causing sweating and lowering fevers. Hyssop has a
regulating effect on the blood pressure, tending to lower it if it is high, and raise it if is low. 

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